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Facebook fan page - Strategies

Like everybody you probably have or want a facebook fan page along with other Social Media Profiles like, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc

But how do you keep updated all this sites, how you keep your fans, followers or users and always get their attention to go bakc to your site again and again. Or how do you use Social Media to bring new leads or to turn new client into a faithful customer?

We'll explain in here a couple strategies to guide you to the right direction improving your social media and Facebook fan page.

Create and design your page customized for you

Facebook fan page or any other social media page catches the eye from first sight and makes a potential visitor come and see what's inside. Use your company logo with more creativity and maybe a design related to the offer or promotion you presenting. In other words come up with something special, it is all about your company image.

Moreover, when visitors start browsing your page they're likely to find something exclusive there as well. Customize your page design , if you need something requires more design work, call us for a design file o redesign your logo .

Share Relevant and attractive Content

Most social media presence should provide attractive content for its fans and readers. On Facebook this is even more important, especially on a brand fan page.

Share your latest news, promotions, new product o services, your main objective is to make users/fans return to your page simply because 85% of those who return are paying customers and likely to visit your page looking for something new. To do this you must offer something that will captivate users. Specially, quality , attractive and relevant content.

Improve Fans page with app to Make Your Page More Engaging

Facebook provides many applications. Among them you can find the most appropriate ones to integrate in your page. Do not underestimate what applications can do with the promotion and growth, as these elements could be a great value.

If you offer your visitors , quizzes , polls and other interactive content. This will let you win their attention at once. Applications serve as a call-to-action many users will follow the action and get involved in and then they stay on your page longer and share the page with their contacts. This is the main reason for social media, and your mission to engage users will be successful!

Be part of the chat

Having a Facebook fan page create a constant relation with your fans/ clients to be always updated and your company have a real feedback from your fans.

Is very important to take part take part in every discussion which takes place on your page. For example, if someone leaves comment on an entry, photo or video on your page you must reply to it somehow.

You can run a small business or a huge corporation and have hundreds of fans. You should talk to your customers. You should reply to questions in a timely manner, showing the quality of your services and how helpful and user-friendly you can be.

Sometimes it is even not necessary to wait until the users ask you a question. You can start a conversation. Don't be afraid and shy to ask your clients about your services or products quality. In the end you want to improve right? real feedback will correct the mistakes and offer better service . Ask them what changes might improve your work in their opinion. Ask about particular products/ service and any other thing related to your business estimation.

Repost , Share or Retweet Information

Nothing more or less than simple reposting of useful information. This is important because in this way you show clients your appreciation , providing article or news that is related for business and may impact some business. Share the content that other users publish has a great value for your social media pages and business development in general. Don't over-do it. sharing is significantly important, but only when it's something relevant and not too obtrusive.

Do not sleep, stay active

Your social media pages and facebook fan page page must be updated on the regular basis. New content sharing and reply to comments are necessary to touch base with them. Your reply should be quickly and straight to the point.

Special days, like holidays give you the opportunity to stay tune with them and maybe give away something or offer a discount along with promotions.

Don't Let Users control Your Wall

Though you need to talk to your fans, you must not let them post to your brands wall. Not allowing them to post to your wall avoids spam messages which other users would rather not see. Communicate with your customers privately or in discussions. Leave nothing without attention.

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