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Mobile sites development are increasing rapidly.

As you know more people use smart phones , Iphones and every day the statistics increase per hundreds , about 30% of these mobile phone owners have browsed the Internet through their mobile phones. This is why mobile Web browsing is predicted to become the next predominant Internet platform even more than pc. Design and implement a mobile website isn't temporarily . It is predicted that in the future mobile sites will prove to be a necessity, even the new Internet standard.

There specials procedures involved in designing / creating a mobile web site. here are a list of items you need to consider in order to lunch a mobile site.

  • Web design for a computer user is not compatible with mobile phones, this must follow the accessibility and guidelines to developer a mobile website under the W3C.
  • The technology called WAP is used for searching and browsing. WAP have limitations in terms of screen size and allowable download, in other words the design is different for your mobile site.
  • Very important and something that a lot of people is confused, websites which make use of tables for the main layout will not look right on mobile phones.
  • The site must use CSS for the layout to ensure maximum compatibility. We provide all our layout in css3.

It is easiest if your site is coded using either XML or XHTML, with your character encoding set at UTF-8.

You have to consider that different mobile phones have different screen sizes. This can be a major headache if you want your mobile Web site design to run on all of them.

Remember to put all the most important information that you want mobile users to see on the top of the page. It can be time consuming to browse through a mobile site, not to mention tedious to read through. Make your mobile site design convenient for your consumers. It is difficult to enter text in mobile Web sites. You may want to offer your user the convenience of radio buttons and lists, which they can choose from depending on what they need.

If you wish to put images on your mobile Website, it should be in jpeg or gif format.A good mobile Web site design provides back buttons and links. Many phones are not equipped with back buttons, so try to provide one. Keepin mind that the maximum page size for a mobile page is only 20 kilobytes. Make everything fit into that number. Lastly, you should bear in mind that users are actually paying fees to access your mobile Website. Make sure that they are getting their money's worth!

How does your site look on a Smartphone or Mobile devices?

Most of us may be thinking, My website displays fine in mobile browsers, even if it is a little small.

What's the problem? Just having a mini version of your existing website is not going to cut it. You need a mobile version of your website that addresses all of the following issues:

  • Load time: A website designed for mobile will load in around four or five seconds, while a traditional website can take as long as 40 seconds to load on a mobile device. Not only will this lead to much frustration for your site visitors, but it will also keep your site from placing well in mobile directories.
  • Mobile directories: Even if your site displays properly in mobile browsers, it may not be indexed by mobile search algorithms. When one uses a search engine on a mobile device, the search query accesses a separate index maintained for mobile content. If your website is not optimized for mobile search engines, it will not place well in such search results.
  • Mobile browser standards: Mobile browsers do not work the same as desktop browsers. They do not render video, Flash, image galleries, and many other software and scripts in the same manner as desktop browsers. Most mobile browsers simply ignore Flash. If your site uses Flash or other proprietary software, it may not load in mobile browsers at all. A mobile version of your website that adheres to mobile standards as set by W3C's mobile web initiative will solve these issues.
  • User experience: Users have different expectations when browsing with mobile devices. Not only are they seeking specific information when they land on your site, but they also expect an experience that is consistent with the device they're using. If you force users to do the "pinch and pull" in order to read your content or navigate your site, they will probably move on.

Are you ready to expand your traffic and explore new opportunities? Contact us and ask us how to start your mobile site.

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